Business Visa

In recognising the significant contribution that international business people make to the skills base of the economy, The Australian Government offers a number of Business Visas.

With Australia remaining an attractive platform for business migrants, this visa category is suitable for business people and ventures that harness globally-significant research and development.

It’s important to understand the level of documentation required to apply for a Business Visa. Your application is your gateway to Australian shores and to bright, new opportunities so it’s vital you are fully prepared for the process.

We recommend you familiarise yourself with our Business Visa Checklist to ensure you are aware of this visa’s two-step process and the documents and supporting evidence required. Simply submit the Contact Form below to receive your copy of the checklist.

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Business Talent – (Subclass 132)


Thom lives in Cambodia with his wife and four children. As the owner and operator of a feed manufacturing business for over 20 years, Thom wants to invest in Australia and migrate here permanently with his family.



Thom was living in Cambodia when he enlisted the services of Endeavour Partners Group to help make his Australian business venture a reality.

Being a Business Visa, it was most vital to prove and showcase Thom’s business history and asset level. During his initial phase, he needed to gather his past four years of auditable business financial information, bank statements showing cash assets, a property valuation report highlighting property assets and an investment portfolio.

After assessing Thom’s business turnover, both his business and personal assets, age and work experience, Endeavour established he was in fact eligible for a Business Talent Visa – a direct Permanent Resident Visa.  

To begin the application, the Endeavour team had to firstly seek approval from the State in which Thom wished to operate his business. Through in-depth conversations with Thom around what type of business he wanted to invest in in Australia, Endeavour guided him towards a familiar industry and gained a strong understanding of which State was most suitable for Thom’s family to settle in.

After conducting thorough background research of various potential industries on behalf of Thom, Endeavour assisted in crafting a business proposal to open a processing plant in the chosen State’s regional areas. This process involved extensive direct consultation with the State, tailoring the proposal to meet both Thom’s investment desires and expertise and the State’s economic/investment needs. The selling point of Thom’s business plan was that it would engage local farmers to process their grains and pulses then exporting back to Cambodia to be distributed via his company there.  



Within 10 days, Endeavour received a positive outcome from the State Government, allowing Thom to proceed with his visa application. 

The process was smooth until the family was required to each undertake a health examination. It was during this phase that complications arose as the youngest child was diagnosed with ADHD. This condition blocks visa approvals due to the life-long financial pressure that ADHD is deemed to place on the Australian community. 

At this point, Thom was facing the “one fail, all fail” rule which means if one member fails the health examination then the whole family fails, and no one will be granted visa approval. 

Confident that Thom’s case had strong potential, Endeavour persisted with the family’s application. After many correspondences between medical experts and the family, Endeavour celebrated a positive outcome – a 2 and a half-year journey. Thom and his family were awarded a Business Talent (Subclass 132) Visa with the opportunity to travel freely between Cambodia, Australia and other nations. Once this five-year visa is complete, the family is eligible to apply for Citizenship.